The Best Part of the Garden

It was a very hot, sunny day in the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden today with temperatures over the century mark. Not ideal gardening conditions – but nothing that a margarita and a nap won’t cure.

With all of the beds finally planted and the major projects done until cooler temperatures in the fall, it is nice to be in maintenance mode at last!  Maria and I used a weed whackers to clean up the edges and the section in between the orchard trees. A garden that is tidy on its paths and edges hides many imperfections and just looks happier.

We adjusted some drip lines, added some mulch and addressed some issues with a few of the roses. Given the heat, we ensured that everything was well watered. The sprinklers and drip lines have been doing a good job. Still, the cooler weather next week will be welcome after today’s furnace.

The best part of the day are the dog visits. We see more of the older, sanctuary dogs in the garden, as they like to come sit in the shade while the younger dogs prefer romps in the adjacent yards and splashing in the kiddie pools.  We’re very happy to welcome these regal dogs who will live out their lives here at Homeward Bound due to advanced age and/or significant health issues. Dedicated walkers like Tatia are drawn to them. Here she is in the shade of the Willow Garden with Baron and Maria.

The only thing better are the sounds of families who have come to bond with a dog matched just to them. Word spreads quickly through the pens and gardens, and we are all delighted to hear when another Golden Retriever leaves to go to its forever home.

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

2 thoughts on “The Best Part of the Garden”

  1. Baron looks wonderful. So does Maria! I don’t think I ever saw her without her hair tucked up under a gardening hat LOL.It’s amazing how the Memorial Garden has come to life and been transformed well inside of a year. Thank you to all who contribute, from dog walkers like Tasha, to weeders, to those who drink in another poignant corner of Homeward Bound. The sunflowers are magnificent!

    1. Someone commented earlier that they thought Maria was a figment of my imagination since she was so frequently referred to, but never seen. Proof positive. She exists!

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