The Boys: Together Forever

Max Felix_DSC_9875

I absolutely love these boys. But then, so do all of the volunteers at Homeward Bound.


They are the quintessential Goldens – loveable, huggable, and Velcro.

I wrote about Max and Felix a couple of weeks ago. Their humans tragically perished together. It’s hard enough for us to suffer the loss of our dog companions. Imagine how confused and lost ten-year-old dogs feel to lose their humans.

Rumor had it that there was an adopter on the horizon. When that fell through, I forced my husband to bring our Jackson out to see if they might be a foster match (not so secretly hoping we would be foster failures). Jackson has been sorely missing his canine sister, Bella. At the very least, I hoped we could provide Max and Felix with a place to wait in comfort, while providing some companionship for Jackson.


Our boy gets along with everyone, so it was not surprising that there were no issues. But there were no sparks, either. No connection. If anything, Jackson was a little nervous around Max while hanging a little closer by Felix. Not quite willing to give it up, I reintroduced them and supplied photo proof that they could at least eventually settle down together.


My husband relented and agreed to foster them, but the concession came too late. Or maybe not. Had they been home with us, they would not have been seen by a young couple who came in that same morning looking for a dog. No particular dog. No particular gender. Young or old. Golden or mix. It didn’t matter. Just a good dog. They found not one – but two. Once they laid eyes on Max and Felix, it was a done deal.


And I wasn’t even around to get the photo! With thanks to my friend and fellow blogger, Rob of “Rob & Dog”, I present Max and Felix’s going home photos!



What good people to open their hearts and home to two very bonded brothers whose lives had been turned upside down.

My husband was probably correct in believing that Max and Felix would not be Jackson’s forever dogs. We know what a true connection looks like for him when we see it. It begins with a play bow and doesn’t end until both are exhausted.

We’ll find it. Eventually.

As for Max and Felix – tragedy brought them to us. But we send them home – together and forever – as promised, with all our love.

Max Felix_DSC_9869

Happy (long) lives, boys. We are all going to miss you.


Cabbage Butterfly White_DSC_0031

White is so cooling in a garden, especially on very hot summer days.


White offers a place for the eyes to rest – a break from all the hot yellows, oranges and reds of an August garden.


White Rose_DSC_0011

White dogs are just as cool in the garden –


or elsewhere.

White Golden_DSC_9489

The come in all shapes and sizes,


offering up their love,

Mollie Going Home_IMG_0889 (002)


Daisy Going Home_IMG_1335

or just a helping hand.


One white dog had an especially sweet “going home” this weekend – turning her seventh birthday into her first “gotcha day.”

Olivia Going Home_DSC_0184

Earned after years of birthing puppies, and currently recovering from double knee surgery,


Olivia has found her forever home.

Olivia Going Home_DSC_0195

White. A color without hue…

Agapanthus White_Bee_DSC_9920

but plenty of heart.


Change Comes Bearing Gifts


As Ina and I surveyed the garden this week, we both remarked on its changed appearance. Where there was light, shadows now creep.


Where there was once deep earth, roots have taken over. Both are the result of competition from maturing trees that grace us with their shade – but have changed the face and planting pockets of what was once our sun-soaked garden.


Things get rearranged; plants are re-homed – not thrown away. It is part of the life of the garden and to be expected. A gardener adapts to whatever mother nature throws her way with a different – but no less a beautiful – outcome.

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” ~Author Unknown


Life has thrown a few curveballs to the dogs in our care, as well.




Max Felix_DSC_9880

and left behind. Most are here with us through no fault of their own, just waiting for the right someone to reimagine a life with them in it.

Nearly identical brothers Max and Felix could not be bigger loves.

Max Felix_DSC_9875

Their human parents were tragically lost together. Now these adorable lugs are looking for a forever home. Their only demand: endless belly rubs.

Max Felix_DSC_9869

Diesel was expertly trained and well-loved but lost his home when his humans moved to a new country.

Diesel Going Home_DSC_9886
Diesel Going Home_DSC_9892

Today, he is the new love of another family who counts him among their many blessings.


“Change always comes bearing gifts.” ~ Price Pritchett

The trees in the garden have gifted us with cooling shade for the doggies


and a place for other less sun-thirsty plants.

Hummingbird Bed_DSC_9918

My hope is that, out of tragedy, Max and Felix will soon be gifted with the comfort and love of ‘home.’