Change Comes Bearing Gifts


As Ina and I surveyed the garden this week, we both remarked on its changed appearance. Where there was light, shadows now creep.


Where there was once deep earth, roots have taken over. Both are the result of competition from maturing trees that grace us with their shade – but have changed the face and planting pockets of what was once our sun-soaked garden.


Things get rearranged; plants are re-homed – not thrown away. It is part of the life of the garden and to be expected. A gardener adapts to whatever mother nature throws her way with a different – but no less a beautiful – outcome.

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” ~Author Unknown


Life has thrown a few curveballs to the dogs in our care, as well.




Max Felix_DSC_9880

and left behind. Most are here with us through no fault of their own, just waiting for the right someone to reimagine a life with them in it.

Nearly identical brothers Max and Felix could not be bigger loves.

Max Felix_DSC_9875

Their human parents were tragically lost together. Now these adorable lugs are looking for a forever home. Their only demand: endless belly rubs.

Max Felix_DSC_9869

Diesel was expertly trained and well-loved but lost his home when his humans moved to a new country.

Diesel Going Home_DSC_9886
Diesel Going Home_DSC_9892

Today, he is the new love of another family who counts him among their many blessings.


“Change always comes bearing gifts.” ~ Price Pritchett

The trees in the garden have gifted us with cooling shade for the doggies


and a place for other less sun-thirsty plants.

Hummingbird Bed_DSC_9918

My hope is that, out of tragedy, Max and Felix will soon be gifted with the comfort and love of ‘home.’