Help Name Our Snake

Since this gentleman has apparently taken up permanent residence in the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden, it is only fitting that we name him.



I understand that he is a Striped Racer, non-venomous, but likely to strike if captured.

Heads up to our resident lizard: he has a preference for your type. If you are missing and the snake looks fat…well, we know what happened.

Please offer your name suggestions as a comment. We’ll poll the results to determine the winner!


  1. Maria Sargent

    Great Idea. It’s hard to believe that there is a website with names of snakes. I’ll be looking these over and getting back to you. In the meantime how about we call him Rocky since he is always on the new flagstone patio.

  2. Laure

    How about HuBert (for HB)?
    And I do hope that lovely blue-bellied lizard makes himself scarce. I’d hate to see Mr. Snake with a suspicious bulge and no lizard around.:-P

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