Puppy Touchdowns

Sundays are great in the fall, because with football on, no one even notices if I am gone for hours to the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden!

I arrived just in time this weekend for puppy socialization class.

Who needs football on TV when you have live action on the field?? Kickoff!



Defense! Defense!

Time out!!

Bench warmer?

The Referee.

Huddle up!

Hey, unnecessary “ruff-ness!”

Water break.

Hut! Hut!

Hut! Hut! Hut!

OK, that’s just piling on!

Game over. Let’s hit the showers!

Playtime in a controlled situation is a great way to socialize your pup to other people and dogs. This Homeward Bound romp was designed for that purpose. Not to mention bringing a smile to our faces, too.


  1. Laura

    You have a wonderful way with words and those pictures are fantastic. My “referee” Bella and my water puppy Sadie always have a great time.

  2. Linda H.

    Awesome pictures and commentary! Thanks to everyone who helped Boomer (he’s in the last picture among others) get to “school” on Sunday. And thank you for the fantastic pictures!

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