A Good Day For Gardens and Goldens

Some days are too good to be true.
First, it feels like the night before Christmas at the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden. Today we met to finish prepping for the path installation which is scheduled to begin very early tomorrow morning. We’re so excited that the day is finally here!

The weeds have been beaten back and the ground leveled on our well-trodden garden paths. While they look manageable for the moment, they have been a constant battle of spring mud and summer weeds since we began this project.

By burying them in three inches of walk-on mulch, we will dramatically cut down on our weekly maintenance, while making the garden more dog, and dog-walker friendly.

Brutus and Sierra say that they whole-heartedly approve.

Can you guess which one is Brutus?

And which is sweet Sierra?

In the pen next door, I met Leslie and Tiffany, two Animal Behavior College (ABC) students who were doing their required “extern-ships.”

Tiffany was working with Scooby. She has always loved working with animals and would like to become a trainer herself.

She has completed most of the stages of the program, and was at Homeward Bound to put her new skills to the test.

Leslie has a special connection to Homeward Bound. Today, she was working with Buster – you’ve read about him here before.

But her first love was Rusty, adopted from Homeward Bound in 2009. Rusty helped her through some tough challenges; and she helped Rusty on his journey over the Rainbow Bridge. To honor him, she wants to gain experience as a trainer so she is equipped to foster, and provide the best possible preparation for, other dogs in search of their “fur-ever” homes.

As luck would have it, both of their pupils had very big days. Scooby caught the eye of a family with young boys; and we just received word that Buster was adopted late today as well. Buster’s adoption would not have been possible without the hard work and effort of the trainers, walkers, feeders and countless others who helped him to focus on people instead of a ball.

Here’s another one who is making great progress: Huck.

A couple of weeks ago, he wouldn’t even sit still for a picture – and now look.

Great gardens require preparation, care and continual feeding. Great pups need the same, and they receive these at Homeward Bound.

If there’s hope for Scooby and Buster, there’s hope for Huck. Not to mention these two near-identical beauties; Luni…

and Angel.

Another step forward for the garden – and the pups. It does not get much better than this.

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

6 thoughts on “A Good Day For Gardens and Goldens”

  1. What a successful team of people you have working there – it must be exhilarating to see all your pup and gardening successes. Congratulations on the new found homes and your updated walking paths.

    1. Thanks Judy…yes…an amazing team, and it is so gratifying to see the results of everyone’s hard work on all fronts!

  2. thank you for writing this story about me and my wonderful boy Rusty, who i miss more and more everyday! I love the garden and i’m looking forward to seeing Rusty’s brick and the other wonderful bricks people bought for theire babies! The garden is so amazing! thank you for all your hard work!

    1. Leslie, Thanks for sharing your story with us…and for the training you are putting in to become a perfect foster parent! What a great way to honor Rusty 🙂

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