Still Planting. Still Rescuing.

I thought our gardening plans were ruined, it was so dark and dreary (and early) when I got up. Even the pups had to be dragged out of bed today. But then, the crown of the tree across the street turned golden – and the day in the garden was saved. A little cold. But saved.

Next week, Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary is recognizing its volunteers in a special annual event. Our Maria insists that the Memorial Garden must look its best. So, while my garden and photographer blogger friends showcase the fading season, we’re still busy planting. The benefits of California gardening.

I finally attacked the merging of the Hummingbird and Grandma’s Garden beds. Maybe it’s Grandma’s Hummingbird garden now. The rosemary, lavender and sage were spread throughout;

While this amazing Blue/Black Sage found its way to the Perennial Garden.

The petunias were pulled up as their season was over, and they were replaced with more seasonal Snapdragons, Iceland Poppies and Pansies.

Maria finished expanding the Herb Garden which now includes winter veggies; Ornamental Kale, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Red Chard and Artichoke. We’ll see if those are planted for our enjoyment – or the bunnies!

She filled the box behind it with Sages: Pineapple, Autumn, and Genetian (love that blue!)

Pat and Penny (she’s the one resting) dead-headed the roses…yes, still in bloom!

Meanwhile, Ina’s Asters are putting on a magnificent show –

appreciated by all.

Most appreciated, of course, are our visitors. This weekend’s hit parade includes more pairs (we’re seeing so many of them now) including Robbie and Nina,

and Ginger and Rusty.

There’s Dusty;


Sunny (recovering from a recent surgery);


and Pancho.


Bogey (who is blind – and the sweetest boy ever!);

Little Scout (who is going to school to learn how to be a dog-loving dog);

and…Moe. As in Curley and Moe. As in – not even close to a Golden Retriever.

What can I tell you? We rescue.

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

14 thoughts on “Still Planting. Still Rescuing.”

  1. Beautiful blog and showcasing of these gentle plant and animal beings, bittersweet because I miss many of the dogs, now friends. (Ollie was supposedly recovering from ear surgery, too.) Last year’s picnic inspired the first of my three thistle-weeding visits. This year, I am being honored during the international debut of a one-hour video I volunteered to design and produce for SoulCollage Inc. Like my thistles, it catalyzed a greater end result. Unfortunately, it is the same day and time. What an incredible gardening year. The labors of love shine through both the Memorial Garden and these inspirational dogs. I think even Moe might agree. I will miss everyone at the volunteer appreciation picnic!

    1. Sue, We will miss not having you at the volunteer appreciation picnic this year. I believe that is the first time I met you was at the volunteer picnic in 2011. You have contributed much to the gardens and dogs at Homeward Bound. Congratulations for being honored by SoulCollage for your work.

  2. What handsome friends you have, and I love the pictures of your gardens because ours are definitely done for this growing season. We’re starting to see snow plows lined up in driveways and ready to be bolted onto the pickups.

  3. Simply beautiful….if you ever need another project I invite you to join me here in NY 🙂 I love the motivation and designs you have brought to the garden!

  4. I just noticed this beautiful post on your blog. I was the one who adopted the lovely Ginger and the regal Rusty, who came in as a pair in 2012. I had two wonderful years with them before I lost them both within two weeks of each other — Ginger was 10 and Rusty 14! Though our time together was much shorter than I had hoped, and their passing so incredibly heartbreaking, they enriched my life in ways I’ll hold close to my heart forever. They were without question two of the sweetest, most gracious pups God ever put on this Earth. I miss them every day. These days my heart is wrapped around the handsome, goofy Leo, who just turned 10, and became my new best friend in 2015.

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