1. How peaceful he seems, wise and ready, though we’re never ready to say goodbye. I am so sorry for this loss and so deeply touched that there is a garden where our companions are honored for the pure gift they offer our lives. Gentle peace.

  2. This is why I chose to rescue old and/or disabled Goldens. I find there is a particular sweetness to them as they age, and if I can give them a last few years or months of comfort and love, then I am well rewarded.

  3. Such a lovely photograph of such a lovely creature. It’s heartbreaking to watch them age and pass on, but I take comfort in the fact that they felt safe and loved before heading off to meet friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

  4. Barbara Aragon

    I, too, choose to foster seniors. Breaks my heart to think they might not have a home for their last years. It still hurts when we lose them, though. Thank you for the memorial garden.

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