The virtues of dogs and gardens

Maria was out at the Memorial Garden today doing some January clean-up and bare root planting. I’m jealous; missing both the pups and the garden. Funny how I’m drawn to such seemingly different obsessions. Dogs offer unconditional love;


gardens require conditions that are just right for sharing their bounty with you. Too warm and they shrivel; too cold and they withhold; too wet and they wilt.


Dogs are grateful; give them food and water, an old blanket, a worn tennis ball, and a pat and they will reward you with devotion.


Gardens have never-ending demands. Water and feed precisely; weed continuously; prune judiciously; stake correctly; and divide appropriately to coax that hoped-for display.


Dogs are loyal; gardens plant their seeds with abandon and will turn on you the minute you take them for granted.


Dogs are defenders; gardens are thorn-bearers.


“Gardening is an exercise in optimism. Sometimes, it is a triumph of hope over experience.”
~ Marina Schinz

Maybe that is it. Gardens are like the rescued dogs of Homeward Bound; an exercise in patience, the consistent the application of kindness, and most of all, hope. The reward: blossoming trust and love. Both leave me breathless.



  1. Maybe this wonderful combination of gardening and rescues is why this is such an uplifting blog to read. I look forward to each and every post and all of the handsome pups and beautiful flowers.

  2. lisalday111711

    what a beautiful comparison….funny how I love them both but if I had to chose give me the warm devotion of a dog any day because it is like having beauty of a garden at your feet

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