Guests of the garden

We have a lake view! The rice fields that surround Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue have been flooded with water surrounding our eight acres of rescue paradise.


With the arrival of the water we have new visitors to the garden – most welcome. The birds were everywhere this weekend,


squabbling over territory and even feeding on our bees.


This particular creature is less welcome.


I’m pretty sure he is a water snake. I’m very sure he needs to return there post-haste!

With our heavy clay soil, I suspect the flooded fields around us help the plants by keeping the roots moist and cool. What a display!


This time last year, we were still planting. Sometimes I look in astonishment at what we have created.


Of course, we had our four-legged visitors as well. Tyson is a bounce-back; returned because his family’s circumstances changed and he was unhappily spending too much time alone. We need to find him a family that can give him the time and attention he needs.


Janie is recovering from cancer treatment. She’s doing great now, and while Judy enjoys having her as her “office dog”, it is time for her to find a family of her own as well.


These adorable pups returned for their vet check and last round of shots. They are from the litter we showed up in March – one of our First Signs of Spring. They are growing up so fast!


Our dog walkers and other volunteers pitched in to continue the foxtail eradication project. As if their other contributions are not enough, they have arrived early and stayed late the past few weekends working double time to get the weeding done. The yards and trails have never looked better – and ensure that the pups have a safe place to play and train.


But my crowning weekend achievement is this:


A spotless garden shed. And a word of warning to my fellow gardeners…it had better stay that way!!
Happy week, all! See you in the garden.

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

20 thoughts on “Guests of the garden”

  1. THe flowers are so gorgeous. The grounds and people are wonderful. And the dogs~~~just amazing. If I ever have the chance I would love to visit and see it for myself. What a beautiful, beautiful place. Would love to have one of those puppies…….

    1. I don’t think you’ll convince the families to give up those puppies…but you are always welcome to visit if you are in the area! 🙂

  2. What a paradise you’ve all co-created with Love…joy as you work to maintain it and rest in the great beauty and peace it offers all. So much inspiration to this post! Thank you, and gentle peace to your week…

      1. Aw… that poor snake (western yellow bellied racer – not a water snake) was just looking for a dry patch of land and found your garden oasis just as the birds did. I’m sure he’ll earn his keep eating mice or voles, and he is harmless to humans and dogs. Enjoy him, too! 😉

  3. The pure joy that comes with a clean garden shed! As a fellow gardener, my mommy appreciates that final photo. She also appreciates your feelings about the un-welcome garden visitor. She saw one in our garden the other day, and although she thinks he is a “good” snake, he can move along!

  4. Ahahaha, what a way to end this blog! 😀 I have to mention that the garden looks lovelier with the flowers in full bloom! The birds were gorgeous, they help balance the nature , I do hope that their stomachs are not eating all the bees, and definitely that snake is not my favorite , perhaps too curious of the new look of the surrounding? It better be careful from the birds.

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