Heat Wave


In case you missed the news, we’re having a heat wave out west. No wait…a heat storm. A solid week (at least) of triple digit temperatures is more than a wave.


The Dahlias are loving it…and now outpacing Maria’s sunflowers (ha!)


And while everything else in the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden has survived so far, everybody is looking as tired of this as we are!


The doggies get regular runs in the sprinklers or splashes in the pool…including this little boy that you may have seen on my post yesterday.


His “best” name is still being determined; in the meantime, we call him “Monster”.


What I didn’t mention is that he is blind. We’re hoping that his sight is fixable. We’ll certainly do our best to change it. But he has adapted very well so far as you can see…


and he certainly has no problem finding the treat pocket!


Think good thoughts for our power grid, and more importantly, prayers for our firefighter heroes please. It’s too hot for man or beast.


Stay cool.

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

25 thoughts on “Heat Wave”

  1. Tragic news on the firefighting front and so much heartbreak and devastation all around. I can’t imagine living in those kinds of temps — with clear skies tonight our temps are supposed to dip into the 40’s overnight! (of course, the extended winter we had wore on us . . .)

    1. Your canoe trip is a cool drink of water for us…wonderful to enjoy virtually. Yes…tragic news out of AZ. Amazing people these firefighters who walk head on into such danger to protect others. Heroes all.

  2. Best of luck, medicine and a loving family for Monster. We worry about all kinds of things, but I worry about Mother Nature who seems to really be upset. Your area is literally baking, mine is enduring rain every 3-4 hours all day every day and other areas are burning. The changing weather is dramatically impacting life as we know it. Here’s hoping it settles down.

  3. The flowers seem to be loving this heat. They are thriving but it seems so is the little furry one. I really hope they can fix the little eyes but if not it look as if “Monster” will do just fine.
    Now if Mother Nature would stop trying to torcher us πŸ™‚
    And many prayers to the Firefighters.

  4. Hang in there … the weather you’re experiencing (as I’m sure you know) can be really tough on the animals. Our dogs are delighted to spend the heat of the day in the undercroft to the barn. These working Anatolian Shepherds are experiencing days in the barns and nights out with the sheep – patrolling – working. It seems to work for them. Let’s BOTH hope for cooler weather on the horizon. D

    1. Ah….we finally received ours! The delta breeze blew in early this morning, and again tonight. Fling open the doors and windows! I hope yours arrives soon.

  5. You’re pain is felt here at The Ranch. The first picture, the one of the wilted flower, yup! That pretty much describes it!

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