In Good Garden Company

“A garden is never so good as it will be next year.”~ Thomas Cooper

It seems there is always another project to prepare the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden for the next season. Last week it was the iris bed;


today, some 400 daffodil bulbs sat waiting to be planted for the spring.


So nothing delighted me more than to see a small army of our gardeners show up today. With Diane,




Ina and camera-shy Maria on hand, the garden was weeded, dead-headed and the bulbs got planted on a beautiful fall weekend day.


We continue to be in the company of frogsโ€ฆ


And these nasty things which have been munching on our Pluot tree.


Ina wanted to save the invaders, but I made caterpillar mush of them instead, and left a bit of evidence behind as a warning to their friends.

Of course, weโ€™re always in the company of dogs, which makes our work a true labor of love.


Summer is another of the dogs from Taiwan. She arrived with a myriad of issues, including cancer.


We have hopefully dispensed with all, but thereโ€™s no way to be certain. Anna does not care. It was love at first sight.


An introduction to her Jenni was made.


With approval won, the deal was sealed and Summer went home today.


So did Rollie. There was no hesitation at all when that car hatch opened. Inside he found a fresh new bed and a brand new toy. Jackpot! Happy life Rollie.


Our youth volunteers were out in force as well. It is so encouraging to see a new generation involved in rescue. Henzi is a natural, doting on Ella and Maggie in the garden.


Our nights are getting cooler. The watering has been cut back. And our last Dahlia of the season put on a spectacular display.


The foliage is now as impressive as the flowers that remain.





Fall is on glorious display.



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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

21 thoughts on “In Good Garden Company”

  1. Every season I think that garden can’t get more beautiful . . . and then it does. Kudos to all those who have toiled in the soil! Lovely photos, and the earlier comment was correct: the happily ever afters will never get old.

  2. Happy Fall Days at Homeward Bound! Love to hear about the dogs going to loving, forever homes. Would also like to know when you have gardening days. I would pop over and help out. Love the garden and all that goes on there!!!

  3. Beautiful post! The colors are so rich! All the gardeners do an outstanding job. I am happy for Summer and Rollie! It was so nice to see Reed and Amy walking the senior dogs…especially Red!!

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