Welcome Guests

Mama Hummingbird is still a frequent visitor. It seems she has brought her kids – and other guests. All welcome here.


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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

13 thoughts on “Welcome Guests”

  1. So pretty! Do the birds ever distract the dogs? I’ve been wanting to put bird feeders in our yard but both our pups love to chase birds.

    Monty and Harlow

    1. They don’t bother with the Hummingbirds and the Hummingbirds don’t bother with them. Too fast and too high up. Those silly Mourning Doves that like to hang out on the ground…well that’s another story!

  2. Don’t you just love them. I’ve had a feeder up under the patio cover for years with many many visitors. I can stand at the kitchen window watching them. When outside they will fly right up by my head, look at me and sit on the feeder. They even get into fights over ownership of the feeder. Dive bombing each other under the patio cover. They are such entertainment. The cat just looks and goes on his merry way and the dogs could care less. Hummers are the best “pets”.

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