• The nest that the Hummingbirds built on the holiday light wire is still there, having survived the winter. I’m hoping against hope that they will return to it. Strong stuff!

  1. I only hope National Geographic doesn’t see all these garden photos of yours . . . .or Homeward Bound might lose a wonderful photographer. I still say you should put together a beautiful Day Planner and sell it as a fundraising tool for the pups. I would be first in line to get one.

  2. Cindy Towne

    As usual, gorgeous photos. The Day Planner idea is a great one Patti. Really, these beautiful photos need to be seen by more people. I love the way you capture nature and the human/animal subjects in it. You have such talent.

  3. Such a wonderful quote from Robert Lynd, and such beautiful photos by you! Our cedar waxwings put in an appearance this past weekend . . . a definite sign of spring, though they may have jumped the gun a bit as our temperature dropped from near 80 to below 40 from one day to the next. Mother Nature can be such a tease. 😉

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