I Spy

Jack Rabbit_750_5894

I spy something in the meadow. Sometimes you have to look very closely …

Jack Rabbit_750_5901
Bird on Limb_750_5825

And sometimes, they just come rushing to greet you – like my buddy Noah, who I see fairly often.


I love my workday walks on the trail behind our offices.


I never know who, or what, I’ll meet.


Today I spied Presley and Sienna.


I almost mistook Presley for a Jack Rabbit.


Presley, it turns out, is on his third home.


He started as an apartment dog, but needed space to run and dig.




Then, he became a family dog, until he got lost in the shuffle of kids and kid activity schedules.


Hopefully, he has found his third and final home with Wendy. She volunteers at a local shelter and seems to truly understand the needs of a high energy Weimaraner.


Sienna certainly seems to enjoy his company.


If a tired dog is a happy dog, then Presley and Sienna must be very happy dogs indeed.


Great to meet you. See you in the meadow. 🙂


  1. Maria S

    Pleasantly surprised to see a Friday blog posting. Perhaps the third time is a charm for Presley. Beautiful day today for a walk and for those of us lucky enough to spend time in the garden.

  2. elmediat

    Great series of shots.

    I can understand mismatched pet & owner caused by living conditions. I do have a bit more trouble imagining family & pet conflicts – unless there were extreme family stresses. North American young families are being chewed up by a social machine of competing demands, most of them driven by Big Business and related consumerism and mass media. Children & pets have become both pawns & collateral damage in the social manipulation of values & beliefs.

  3. I hope Presley has indeed found his final home! As much as it makes me sad to think of the separation anxiety a dog can feel when he loses his family, I think that he has a wonderful future ahead of him! And who wouldn’t enjoy walking in that amazingly beautiful park-like garden! Your photos are SO inviting. 🙂

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