1. fredrieka

    some places really needed the rain. hope all is well. we are having a warm winter here in Michigan.. Momwithoutpaws is glad

  2. Run A Muck Ranch

    In more than 10 years as a landscaper I have never been rained out more than 2 days in a row – and that was maybe once, maybe twice. This week 4.5 days. Never seen anything like it! Yes we need the rain… but for the whole week? Whatever happened to once or twice a week, after 2:30pm, or overnights or Sundays? Not too much to ask.

      • Run A Muck Ranch

        It’s OK for it to deliver, just not put me out of work! I left plenty of time slots open for the El Nino deluge! Daily even! I’ll even throw out that 4th Monday and Thursday of the months are clear for downpours 🙂

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