Giving Thanks for You

For each new morning with its light,


For rest and shelter of the night,


For health and food, for love and friends,


For everything Thy goodness sends.


For flowers that bloom about our feet;


For tender grass, so fresh, so sweet;


For song of bird,


and hum of bee;


For all things fair we hear or see,


Father in heaven, we thank Thee! ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


I share this poem each Thanksgiving, as a reminder of all that we have to be grateful for. This year, in particular, it feels important to put beauty and hope and kindness among all that we hold dear. I include each of you in my gratitude list, for traveling with me on this journey – and for the friendships I have made along the way. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

16 thoughts on “Giving Thanks for You”

  1. Thank you for such a beautiful post. I am so happy to have found this group. It always makes me smile. I am so grateful for everyone involved. You all do such wonderful things for the beautiful dogs who need you. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here.

  2. Thank you, Audrey, not just for the poem but for sharing the images of joy and kindness. I am always reminded when I visit your site of how much good it is possible to do in the world, and so I am thankful for you and what you share.

  3. Thank you for everything you do to make the world lovelier and kinder. Your artwork in these posts lifts them to a level that is so beautiful and inspiring, Audrey. I look forward to them and consider them a beacon of hope…blessings on your life and your great work.

  4. Very apropos considering all we have been through as a country and as individuals. I, too, am grateful for family, friends, and all the lovely intangibles in the poem. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  5. Thank you for sharing such beautiful words and photos for us to remember every day not just on Thanksgiving! Cherish everyday and everyone!

  6. Amazing as ever Audrey…I am so thankful for you…. for Homeward Bound, for that which breaks and rebuilds me with every encounter and reminds me with every beat of my heart why love who we love and do what we do.

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