Nash’s Big Day

Nash, the furless wonder, arrived almost two years ago. At the age of eight, he had been left in a local shelter. He was listed as a Black Labrador, but he looked more like an exotic hairless dog – except for the smell. He was suffering from Malassezia pachydermatis – a yeast found on the skin and ears of dogs that can get out of control leading to greasiness, loss of hair, and “malodorous discharge from legions” – in other words, stink. He had a bacteria growing in his ears that is resistant to antibiotics. It makes his ears hurt. And for good measure, his body was covered in small benign masses that hung like black icicles.

He’s the kind of hot mess that many rescues won’t take on. But Homeward Bound did.
He’s an awesome dog. A beloved dog.

A dog who never demanded much:
throw the ball,
give me a cookie.
make me a comfy bed.

It took a long time to find the right combination of food, medications, and baths to finally grow some hair back – and most importantly, get out the rank smell that kept him from going home.

He put up with his twice-weekly baths, the t-shirts and sunscreen we made him wear in the summer to protect his skin, and the sweaters in winter to keep him warm. He endured the periodic removal of those recurring masses. He moved back and forth between our Sanctuary house and the kennel – depending on where he would get more time, attention, and love. And he saw countless dogs go home and never asked “where’s mine?” He was grateful for all he received.

We all wanted so desperately for him to find his forever home. But when it was finally his turn – it was hard to say ‘goodbye.’ Our dogs get out a minimum of three times a day – usually four. But Saturday, Nash was out all day with a long line of volunteers who had to get their final hugs and play in before his big day: Sunday.

His people arrived early. Anxious they were. Awakened from his after-breakfast nap, Nash was not quite sure what to make of this photo-op.

Or maybe, it was just that we needed to remind them of his sensitive ears.

But a trip to the big park and a lesson in “chuck it” let him know that this was not your ordinary day.

And the soft bed with extra cushions in the back of a car confirmed it.

Nash has his own people. People with balls!

He will be in the best of hands. People we know and trust. People who have a proven heart for rescue.

Congratulations – and happy life to Nash – our extra special friend. We will miss you, boy.

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

21 thoughts on “Nash’s Big Day”

  1. I couldn’t be happier for Nash! Whenever I can get up to the ranch, I’d so enjoyed walking or observing Nash, and his unstoppable energy if ball throwing is the activity. He’s one gorgeous silky dark prince now, and wow, what a tribute to HB!

  2. There was a young boy there many years ago named Winston who had bone issues as we had to put booties on his feet as they would get infected and dr C felt it was best to let him go , people poured out in numbers I got to know several people that day as we hugged and cried on each other I tried to use that as an example to Jody how important it Was to let volunteers say goodbye Sent from my iPhone


  3. My eyes are tearing. What a fabulous organization HB is but I already knew that. I’m so so happy for Nash and his new family.
    My first golden got that yeast. His fur started falling out and itched. He was miserable but got him to the Dermatologist early. Poor Nash must have suffered for so long until HB swooped in like the Angels they are. doG Bless You all❣️

  4. Another very happy outcome! Nash has had a rough go of it, poor baby, but how wonderful that he has his people and a new family is formed. 🙂

  5. What a great thing to read!! I’m so happy for Nash – I really liked him the few times I met him, so sweet!! Best wishes to Nash and his new Ball-Buddies!

  6. Oh, Nash-y….you are so loved and will be missed by ALL of us. Your gentle heart and soulful eyes are a joy to all of us who affectionately greet you! All 3 of your are so lucky to have found one another!❤️
    (Maybe your Mom & Dad will bring you with them when they come to the Ranch!) 🐾🐾

  7. I’m in happy tears for Nash cause he’s a special boy in a group of already special dogs. Love to you and your new family Nash. Aunt Hope

  8. Oh Nash i am so happy for you. We spent so many times together and you blessed me in so many ways.
    Robert Blumenstock

  9. Oh Nashie- I am so happy that you found your furever home and family. You are such a great dog and we will miss you dearly at HB.

  10. Yay Nash! We adopted a “nekkid” dog too. Right now he’s curled up in our armchair getting one more nap in before breakfast. ❤

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble – the nekkid dog.

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