Raining German Shepherd Dogs

Winter finally arrived – in March. It has been raining buckets of water, hail, mud –

and lately – German Shepherd Dogs.

The AKC does dogs no good service by listing them as among the favorite breeds. When Goldens hit the top of the chart, a wave of abandoned and surrendered golden dogs followed. German Shepherd Dogs have been making their way up the list and now rival Labrador Retrievers for the top spot. So guess what? The shelters and “found” pages are full of them.

And, increasingly, so are the fields near Homeward Bound. We have found them wandering loose dumped on the levies – and even staked outside our doors.

Kathryn’s training classes are filling up with them. That’s good. They are getting the training and socialization they need.

My husband’s co-worker found this one wandering the streets.

At less than a year old, he’s still a puppy. Apparently tied up somewhere, he had chewed through the lead that was still tightly wrapped around his neck. Her son – a fan of Superman – named him Clark.

She couldn’t keep him, but she wasn’t about to take him to a shelter, either. So she held him safe until the connection was made to Homeward Bound. We’ll work with our German Shepherd rescue friends to get him to a good home.

The Mulberry trees in our garden are strong, fast-growing, and blanket us in merciful shade on hot summer days.

But their roots invade our beds, their berries leave stains everywhere and give the doggies purple poo, and they require constant pruning to stay tidy (which they do not receive).

German Shepherds are smart, loyal, and very capable working dogs. Like our Mulberry trees, they have characteristics that make them sought after. They are also adorable fluff balls as puppies. But they are not for everyone.

Highly sensitive, they want to be with and protect their person – sometimes to a fault.

This is Addy. She’s not at all sure about me.

But she courageously put herself between her Dad and two loose, attacking dogs.

German Shepherds need continual training and socialization to humans and other dogs. They are energetic and require mental and physical activity or they will act out in boredom and frustration. They shed pillows on a daily basis. And they do everything with intensity – be it play or prey.

German Shepherds are beautiful, intelligent, devoted dogs – for the right person.
Choose the right tree for your garden.
Choose the right dog for your life.

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

5 thoughts on “Raining German Shepherd Dogs”

  1. Sadly, so many people simply seem to buy a dog on impulse, without considering the work involved and the potential lifespan of the dog. It’s a shame that there cannot be a short aptitude test, and a financial means test, before being allowed a dog. Perhaps one day!

  2. German Shepherd Dogs are the only breed I’ve had. I love them. They are an all versatile dog. I have my 4th GSD (first male I’ve had) and he knows that I have medical problems and he is very patient and very tolerant. I don’t understand how people can just dump a dog, any breed. Thank you, Homeward Bound, for taking care of the Shepherds you’ve rescued.

  3. Shepherds are amazing. Why people think it’s okay to buy a dog without thinking of all the pros and cons is beyond me. As soon as the animal passes the cute puppy stage, or has an ‘accident’ in the house, or they decide it’s ‘too much work’, they discard the animal like yesterday’s garbage. These animals are living, breathing creatures and should be treated with respect. At the very least, find them a forever home or have the decency to place them in a shelter where they’ll be safe and cared for.

    Thank you for all you do. You guys are amazing.

  4. Didn’t realize the work in having a German Shepherd. Thank you for making us aware of this breed of dog. My neighbor has 2 of them, and Ishe exercises them quite a lot.

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