Follow Up Friday: Tag – Now Max

I did not recognize him – this gorgeous hunk of dog. But he seemed to know me. And then – the head tilt.

The telltale sign of a once ruptured ear membrane – and those eyes. It was Tag. Now Max. One of the Korea dogs that came to us two years ago in March.

Rescued from a dog meat market by the Humane Society International, and brought to us with three others by the San Francisco SPCA. While most of the dogs that had been rescued were rehabilitated and adopted, these four were shut down and terrified – refusing to leave the safety of their SPCA kennels for over a month. I wrote about them here.

Tag was the worst of them. Suffering from the ear injury, and hugging the ground for dear life.

We gave them a small, dedicated team to work with them. Gently coaxing them onto the first grass they had ever known and hand washing the caked on filth from their bodies.

It took weeks of work to help them find their courage and come out of their shells a little. We had begun the job. Their adopting families would complete it with kindness, patience and love.

I was not alone in not recognizing Max immediately – so changed is he. But he certainly remembered these two.

Lori and Tatia were part of his team in those first days with us – delivering reassurance and care.

Max is a changed dog in many wonderful ways – and in others, he is still Tag.

Shy at first approach. And those eyes…what horrors have they seen?

But now, they quickly shift from timidity to joy. And the shyness melts to bliss.

Max needs people now. He has found his way home.

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

13 thoughts on “Follow Up Friday: Tag – Now Max”

  1. Great job by all involved. We need these reassurances that, in a world that seems to be driven by greed, and indifference to the plight of others, there are still compassionate people who are prepared to give of themselves freely and as necessary. Again … great job “guys”! 🙂

  2. What a wonderful story. Heartbreaking, but a very happy ending. Max, and all like him, so deserve this kind of ending. God Bless all that helped make Max whole. Beautiful dog. Beautiful people who helped him find safety and happiness. You guys are amazing.

  3. I so love a happy ending, but I hate what these guys had to go through to get there. Hooray for Roger! All of you at Homeward Bound, as well as those agencies you work so closely with, are an amazing group of people. Thank you for your tireless efforts. You are the best of the best.

  4. Bless Max and thank HBGRR and his new family for giving him his new life. Lots of love to you Max.

  5. As always, these stories touch my heart and soul. It gives me hope that this world isn’t such a bad place when I think of Homeward Bound and the work that they (including you) do. Your chronicle of his life is amazing, Audrey! You are such a gifted writer…xoxo

  6. Finally getting caught up with emails and came across this! How wonderful to see beautiful Max! I remember him well. He looks amazing — I’m so happy for him! ❤

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