The Real Things Remain

I had a blog post all written for tonight. I deleted it. I was going to tell you about the rains that created lakes in the spring garden,

and then I woke to today’s headlines. And I wondered, what is the point of this silly blog in a world gone mad? Lately, the magnitude of our capacity as humans to do harm to one another seems boundless. And overwhelming.

I know that bad things happen daily to good people, animals, and to nature. Still, I try to find the light amid the darkness. I just wasn’t seeing it this morning.

I went to rescue very early because I have the privilege of helping to look after this beautiful girl.

It gives me plenty of quiet time to work in the garden as well.

I planted and weeded and listened to birds singing and dogs barking delighted to be outside and playing in mud puddles.

I marveled at the blossoming Lilac tree Ina rescued from near death…

and I remembered how blessed we are to live in this world that we too often devalue and debase.

I thought about how privileged we are to live in this imperfect country with all its potential for grace.

I remembered that I believe in rescued souls, and second chances, and the miracle of forgiveness and moving forward.

And when I held these tiny ones….

I remembered that is our obligation to appreciate our blessings, to share them with others, to keep trying to find the light – and to work hard at leaving the world a better place.

This blog won’t change the world. It won’t prevent bad things from happening. But it is my weekly reminder to find light in darkness…

That good things still happen…

And that there is still beauty in the world.

“Life may take everything out of my days, but the real things remain. You may destroy my castles, but I have the timbers to build ten thousand more.” ~ Muriel Strode A Soul’s Faring, 1921

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

23 thoughts on “The Real Things Remain”

  1. Your blog speaks truth through your words and images. Your hard, and sometimes, back breaking work in the garden cultivates beauty and provides a special place of peace for many of us. I, for one, find the rescue and the garden a place to get away from the tragedy and hate. Thank you for all you do!

  2. Audrey you got inside my feeble brain this am-as I saw the eyes and thought. A k one erything over the Past six months and now r rh day I try to forget the. Ad or the Sin and find beauty and want to write. I’m going to see if I might be able to scribble something with my tight hand and have a friend help type it at the end of the week

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  3. Your blog is one of those things that allows me to find beauty in the world. 🙂 We use to watch the news in the morning, at noon, and at night. We are down to one local and one national in the morning because that is all our psyche can stand. With news reports including every bad thing happening anywhere in the world, it truly drags you down no matter how positive you try to be. We could all be happier if only we could hold those beautiful little pups. 🙂

  4. Your heartfelt words and photographs are perfect this morning. Just looking at the beauty of nature in these photos, and those warm, loving eyes of the golden is proof that it isn’t all darkness. Thank you for writing this post and not deleting it!

  5. Hope springs eternal each day and your reflections help others to reframe madness in the world we can never understand. Thanks for the timely post and now I go into the world looking for the beauty that awaits discovery today. There is so much!

  6. Yes, a country with “the potential for grace.” What a world, and what a mess. I hear you, loud and clear.
    Still, a lovely and thoughtful post.

  7. You are definitely a Healer…thru words…thru your thoughts….pictures. I love you. I love the beautiful dogs you take care of. Rescue Dogs RULE. They go from the Ranch into the hearts and homes and make the world a better place. Thanks. PamO

  8. I don’t need to re-word what you have so beautifully expressed. I’ll simply tell you that your thoughts mirror mine, and probably many, many of us! We do need to keep appreciating the beauty so we are refueled enough to be of a benefit in this baffling world. I wish on a “down day” I could care for those precious puppies! My animals (and my garden) depend on me not to give up. 🙂 Love those puddles, too!

  9. Your blog provides a respite from the madness in the world. Thank you for this oasis of peace and beauty.

  10. “There is beauty in the courage of the fragile fighter. Those that persevere, despite all they’ve been through, those who still believe there is good in the world” …we are here, and we love what you do.

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