There is a reason why gardeners are increasingly moving to native plants.
Unlike fancy hybrids, native plants are uniquely adapted to their landscape. Having developed over time, they are resilient and well-suited to the available soil, water, and sun or shade.

As a result, they thrive where others languish – providing valuable habitat to others.

Today’s designer dogs are much like plant hybrids. Mixed breeds combined in the hopes of a perfect mix of genetic traits. Bernedoodles are apparently the latest rage: a mix of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle.

Unfortunately, these designer dogs bred (and inbred) with limited gene pools by unscrupulous “breeders” run the risk not only losing the desirable traits of each breed but also inheriting health issues and undesirable traits from both sides. The result: Forrest.

Neurological damage. Inability to walk. One leg longer than the others. And seizures.

God may work in mysterious ways – but this is a man-made travesty.

Some would call it collateral damage. I call it a grave injustice.

If Forest’s heart could will his body to heal – it would be done.

This guy – with his tangle of legs and constant right turns – is bound and determined to get somewhere. We’re just not sure where.

It remains to be seen if we have a miracle for Forrest. But we will try.
For Forrest’s sake, help us spread the word. Let Mother Nature be.

She knows best.

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

12 thoughts on “Forrest”

  1. Poor Forrest. But if there’s a way to help him, I’m sure you folks will find it. Give him a kiss for me. My Ducky is a mixed breed, but not a fancy hybrid. And I don’t think anyone would have purposely bred her parents with each other, given the disparity of their sizes.

  2. Forrest may not realize it, but he is lucky at least to be with you and your fellow volunteers. I do not understand why we keep wanting to change things just so they are pretty but in reality dysfunctional. It is not nearly as important, but it is like plants that pollinators cannot utilize – why?

  3. Bless his little heart. I’m grateful he ended up at HB. He needs all the love and understanding he can get. I really wish there was a law against “designer dogs”. If people want a mixed breed just go to the shelters and rescues.
    Thanks Ogee for getting the word out. Love to Forrest 🐾❤️🌹

  4. I shared this on FB and want to do whatever I can to educate against this kind of breeding travesty. What a sweet boy! It is heartbreaking to see his struggle, but I also see the love he’s receiving and that is heartwarming.

  5. When breeders do this….it is animal cruelty and should be punished as such. God Bless Forest and HBGRR for coming to his aid. Best of luck, our prayers are with Forest.

  6. Beautifully said and captured, could not agree more. This little guy has been through so much already, here’s praying for that miracle…at the minimum a safe somewhere to be.

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