Seasons Pass

Fall blew in on a mighty, cold, north wind.

It toppled our beloved Willow tree, but left a trail of purple blooming asters in its wake.

Just a couple weeks ago, we were still brushing the century mark. Now it is sweater weather.

The two-day wind storm stoked anxieties about more wildfires. We were thankfully spared here.

I want to hide in the garden away from the news and the sense of dread I feel about the election ahead and the wildfire of hate that is sweeping across our land.

History tells me that we too often repeat errors from the past…

and…that seasons pass.

You should never wish away time, but I can only hope that this one is on its way out.

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

6 thoughts on “Seasons Pass”

  1. Sad for the willow tree but beautiful asters. 2020 came in like a lion and we hope will not go out with the same fury. This coming week will have many holding their breath. Time for everyone to hold strong together. Keep sharing the garden and the goldens, it is a needed sanctuary. Be well.

  2. Beautiful photos as always, and I think we all wish this time away — 2020 as a whole, and a change in our national leadership and sense of country, who we are. It is terribly skewed toward hate and division at this time…so much healing needed. Paws, fingers, and toes all crossed that we can begin that sooner than later.

  3. Beautiful photos and thoughts. A few days ago, I sought peace so spent time in the garden as it always brings me that peace and helps me center myself. This time, the asters were covered in bees busy with their work. They hurried me along a little but I still felt renewed!

  4. Wholeheartedly agree with your post thoughts. I can scarcely hold on to see the end of this tumultuous intrusive bully of a year. Be off with you, 2020! And bring me a peaceful hopeful 2021 in its place. Your photos here are beautiful – as always – and the nod to asters made me smile. My lovely 96-year-old neighbor has a large patch of them alongside her driveway. When I commented on their beauty, she generously told me to feel free to dig out a big bunch to add to my garden anytime. And that’s how you make a great nation.

  5. There is a lot of pain, loss and dread, and I am quite sure we’ll be processing and healing for years. Your beautiful garden represents hope and I’d love an hour or two to reflect and meditate within its “walls,” I hope you find pockets of solace yourself. As much as I have real concern about the future, I feel blessed that there are people like you who care and commit to doing good, without waiting for ideal circumstances. We are in this together.

  6. There is so much here that I love. Your message and your photos. What an amazing backyard! I am worried about the election as well, but I do believe the old adage, “This too shall pass.”

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