Hope Delivered


Oh the weather outside was frightful…but rain in California is delightful. We are so grateful for (count them!) two storm systems this week, moving through our drought-dried state. While it dumped in buckets, it was still very manageable (for most of us…sorry little bee!).

The walkers who braved it today were rewarded with a brief blast of sunshine by the end.


And of course, dogs!

This is pre-El Nino cheer bringing hope to our thirsty state.

The weekend also delivered on the hopes of five of our dogs. Our ”going homes” include Booker – who is the perfect foil to his new human, Mark.

Booker Going Home_DSC_9678

Talk about mugging it up for the camera.

Booker Going Home_DSC_9685
Charlie got the thumbs-up from gorgeous alum Goldie to come home and stay with her (and to shed a few pounds!)

Charlie Going Home_DSC_9643
Babe couldn’t wait to get in the car and go (not that she didn’t appreciate her time with us!)

Babe Going Home_IMG_0956
And Precious and Lexi. These two came to us when their person could no longer care for them. I hope it brings them comfort knowing they will be in good and happy hands.

Precious Lexi_Going Home
Dogs going home. A kennel that is half empty. The garden nearly put to bed for the winter. And rain.

Black Bird_DSC_3091
The perfect way to end a weekend.