The Garden as teacher

After a year of working in the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden, I have – to my amazement – become a more patient gardener. I walk right past the impulse buy tables in the garden store.


Tempting as they are, I now favor these young divides –


trusting that they will grow into stronger, healthier plants that will shoot forth year after year.


This season, I will even experiment with seeds – something I never had the patience for before.


The gardeners and I have watched and learned what works and what doesn’t. Plant in mounds to avoid drowning in the winter rains…


Don’t cut back until after all frosts; it is colder in the country and our little friends need their cover…


And tulips belong in pots, well out of bunny reach!


Last year was all about planning and planting; this season is about waiting.


Including sitting out this Killdeer’s brood; 3-4 weeks incubation time after the last egg is laid. Her nest is so well-known to us that we leave it marked with a little statue for her return each year. No digging here for at least three more weeks, yet she allows us to walk within a couple of feet of her without too much fuss.


“A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.”~ Gertrude Jekyll