Sunset in the Garden

With the temperature over 100 for the past two days, I made an after-work trip out to check on the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden. I wanted to lay eyes on the new plants in the Willow Garden and make certain that the Herb Garden with its still young plants were surviving the heat.

I passed a bunny as I was walking in (too quick for the camera), our snake (we have to name that guy!) and something was most definitely lurking in the Iris Bed. I have no idea what. It wasn’t coming out, and I was not going in! I guess they were telling me that this was their time in the garden – and what a beautiful time it is.

I thought mornings were spectacular in this country setting, but they are nothing compared to the magic of sunset streaming through the sunflowers.

The beds looked good for the most part, but the trip was worthwhile. Everything in the Willow Garden got some extra water, and a few thirsty friends got an assist. Things will be a bit more mild over the next few days, thank goodness.

I found another gem in Maria’s bed. A painted tile that magically appeared. Very fitting.

Chance Encounters

There were few people, but lots of creatures in Homeward Bound Memorial Garden today. Most everyone was at the Homeward Bound Reunion Party, where adopted dogs and their human friends get together to reconnect and trade stories.  In the garden, the most delightful encounter was with a boy named Chancy.

He is total sweetheart and a complete gentleman with some special, but manageable needs for the right human match. You can read about him here, and see additional pictures here. His sad, but regal eyes say it all: take me home. I’m a great find and loyal friend.

I arrived early today, as the weather was expected to heat up. The wind has been blowing for two days – keeping things cool while I installed the rest of the Willow Garden, but wrecking havoc on the Sunflowers. I staked them loosely and set about planting: Lily Turf, Mondo Grass, African Iris, a Chartreuse Huechera and Barberry. Soaked well, with drip line installed and heavily mulched – I hope they will weather the next few days of high 90-degree temps in their new home.

As the beds mature, there are more bees, butterflies and even a Hummingbird spotting. With the quickly rising temperature, others arrived; a camera-shy lizard, and our resident snake. This guy used to scurry away when we walked by. Apparently snakes like warm stone, and this one was not moving! Stare down.

Deb’s Dahlias are taking off. It won’t be long before they tower over the rest of the perennial garden and grace us with a bold display of color.

The Tree Circle Gardens are freshly weeded and filling in; in the Bulb Garden the spent bulbs are tied off with the daylilies now blooming; and the Cottage Garden is growing large and full.

Everything got a deep soak in anticipation of hot days ahead. Think good thoughts for our Memorial Garden under that hot Sacramento Valley sun!