Hope Never Stops

Today’s Wordless Wednesday post has been preempted – read on; you will understand why.

In November 2012 – twenty months ago – I shared a story of a beautiful Golden Retriever that had been spooked while camping with her family in Tahoe National Forest. Scared, she bolted and then became lost. Our extended Homeward Bound family joined her family in daily searches until the snows fell. We hoped that someone unknowing had her safe. Winter came and went. And another winter came and went. She was spoken of often, and never forgotten.

This morning, we were greeted with this message.

Our dearest Family and Friends,

After 20 long months of being in the Tahoe National Forest, Murphy has come home. As you can imagine we are completely shocked and amazed with the miracle of her surviving this long. We responded to a call from a couple who spotted a dog matching her description in an area within 5 miles of where we lost her. After multiple days looking for her without success, we left her bed and our clothing behind with the campground host, in the hopes that she would respond. A week went by and we got a call from the campground host who was able to coax her into a kennel after she had been sleeping every night on the blanket and clothing that was left behind. We were reunited with Murphy, on Sunday afternoon – Father’s Day! She is on the road to recovery, very thin and frail but happy to be home with her family. We have so many people to thank the list is endless. Words cannot describe how grateful we are. Homeward Bound was instrumental in their efforts to help, the campground host – Jason, Jacob (guy that made the call), Missy, Lea, Deann, Teresa, Mike, Mike, Mary, Jason, Lauren, Larry, Bubba, Wawa, Bob and Kim — You all know who you are. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are forever grateful.

Murphy’s family has been inundated with media requests and other attention. They understandably just want time to be with their beloved golden girl. Out of respect for them, I have updated the earlier post to delete their information. But I did want to share our joy. It is a reminder that miracles do happen.

“Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops…at all.” ~ Emily Dickinson


Welcome home, Murphy.