Under Construction

New month; new project in the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden. We can’t help ourselves.

It is time for the long-awaited entry way garden. These beds will hug Memorial Garden path; the one filled with bricks commemorating all the dogs we have loved.


Planting won’t happen until fall. Common sense, patience and Ina’s (frequent) warnings win out given our July and August temps. No worries; preparations will keep us busy until then.

We killed off the weedy grasses, and for good measure, covered the section in a layer of thick cardboard.


We used the technique in other sections of the garden to good effect. The cardboard starves the weeds of light and disintegrates over time. Until then, it is simple to dig holes through it for future plantings.

A truckload of 50/50 was delivered Monday which we will supplement with compost, manure and other goodies to enrich the soil which is starved for nutrients in this section.


Rob was gracious enough to do some earth moving for us. Kind man.


Maria (along with Jody and Mike) is my Mistress of Water. I tell her where I want to plant and she makes it happen. This site involves digging new trenches and laying new PVC to get water to the dry beds.


Doesn’t she look great?


Once the beds are prepped the mason will return to install a small wall for the beautiful new plaque that will grace the garden and feature the names of its sponsors.


In this way, this acre of donated plantings (and labor!) will raise funds in support of the dogs.


It requires a little imagination at this point. But that’s precisely what got us to this place in about 18 months.


The dogs have faith.