The virtues of getting lost


“If you don’t get lost, there’s a chance you may never be found.” ~ Author Unknown

I’m going to get lost for a week or so. Time to take a travel break and find some serenity, inspiration and rejuvenation where there is rain and lush, green forests. Ina and Anna will tend to the garden as Maria is also away. Who knows what mischief they will get into?!


When the cat’s away…

Green Eyes_DSC_8803

Spring is quickly slipping by. I said farewell to its blooms today in case they are not here when I return.


All signs point to summer’s arrival including the sprouting of sunflowers,




and the nesting mourning doves in the garden trees.

Mourning Dove_DSC_9095

I feel better about leaving knowing that this pup has left as well.

Junior Going Home_DSC_9040

Junior was the last of our hunting dogs. Deaf, it took a little while longer to get him home. But home he went this weekend, with previous adopters who gave Lisa (now Ellie) her new chance at life.


His new people are renaming him “Orion” – for the Greek hunter – and the constellation by the same name. Not that he can hear it. But no matter. I’m pretty sure he knows that his life just got much brighter. Instead of chasing ducks in a field, he can light up the lives of his new people.

Junior Going Home_DSC_9035

Happy life, Orion. We’re going to miss you.
And happy week to all of you. Aloha. See you soon.