Petaloso: Full of Petals

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Have you heard about the eight-year-old Italian boy who invented a new Italian word?


In a classroom assignment, Matteo unsed an unfamiliar word. He described a flower as a “petaloso” – full of petals. While “petaloso” does not officially exist in the Italian dictionary, it made sense – combining “petalo” (“petal”) and the suffix “-oso” (meaning “full of”).


It is similar to the English word, “petalous” – meaning of flowers having petals. But so much more descriptive.

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His teacher marked it as incorrect – but beautiful. And then she helped Matteo petition the instituion that oversees the use of the Italian language for their thoughts.

“The word you invented is well formed and could be used in the Italian language,” they replied. “It is beautiful and clear.”

In order for it to be accepted as an official Italian word, it would need to be used and understood by a large number of people.


Thus, the hoped-to-be word “petaloso” is being shared all over social media.


Help Matteo have his word become accepted and published in the next Italian dictionary.


How many ways can you use “petaloso?”