Angel on Loan

Penny was our angel on loan.

Born to an autoimmune-disordered body she did not deserve, each battle waged against her diminishing self created fresh challenges. In the end, small victories were no match for the war raging within.

Had she been an old dog, we might have let her peacefully slip away much sooner. But she was a baby, just two years of age. We could see her whole life ahead of her – or so we thought. Sometimes, the universe has plans that we just cannot know. Try as we might to change the tide, we were only really borrowing time.

Was it worth it? Yes. She was cared for and loved by many including her once-and-forever feral boyfriend, Red.

He lives in sanctuary with us in housing that he and Penny shared. A May-December romance. Their age difference was wide but their hearts were one. Sadly, it is not his first loss and he will need our extra care and loving to see him through.

An angel was returned to heaven today with pieces of our hearts paid in interest due.