Fostered Friends

While we were enjoying our time at the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden on Saturday, other devoted volunteers were manning a booth at the U.C. Davis Picnic Day to bring awareness to the mission of this amazing organization. Among them was one of our devoted volunteers, Maria, and her dog, Beau, who apparently travels in style!

Maria fosters in part because she likes travel, and Homeward Bound is kind enough to welcome her fosters back to the Sanctuary for babysitting when she is away.  Last fall she lost her 16-year old foster to old age. She took a break over the holidays, and, after getting off the plane in February, decided to stop by Homeward Bound to check on the gardens. All it took was a single mention that it might be time to consider fostering again, and Beau was by her side.

He is 9 1/2 years of age with a weak back  and weak back leg. This apparently does not stop him from beating Maria to the bed, however!  He was supposed to be evaluated for a possible placement at a senior retirement home, where older dogs are sometimes placed for mutual companionship and comfort. Given that he is a hugger and a leaner, he is not a good match for the elderly.

Older dogs like Beau often stay on with their foster families, while those who take younger dogs are really helping them prepare for their forever homes. It is hard to say goodbye, but also incredibly rewarding. And foster homes always have first option to adopt. You can learn more about fostering here. It looks like Maria has found her next long-term foster, and Beau has found a happy home. Hope to see you in the garden, Beau!