19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Sweet Dreams”

  1. Now I KNOW life is so good and peaceful and cozy and safe. This is truly the sleep of the innocent. We had two goldens who looked just like these beauties. Thanks so much for sharing and for keeping on sharing your Homeward Bound stories, and for making me remember and remember the love.

  2. That is such a darling photo.
    BTW….do you happen to know how I can find a copy of the statue that is in the Memorial Garden of the boy with his dog? It is the one that is on page 10 of Homeward Bounds May 2013 newsletter. It melts my heart.

  3. Isn’t it Tuesday? All day I kept thinking it was Wednesday because I read this blog in the morning.

  4. Isn’t this how all dogs are supposed to sleep? In comfort? Of course it is. Unfortunately not all get that opportunity.

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