Raining Joy

Between the two-week cold blast and the lack of rain this year, I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll have a garden this summer – of if we’ll just have to plant sage brush!


I know. It’s sunny California and the rest of the country is freezing. But we had our freeze in December, and we have not had any meaningful rain in a year. Actually, we’re on year three of a state-wide drought. It is worrisome.


No matter for the moment – because it is raining joy in the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden. Yes…the roses got pruned without the need for a new tetanus shot,


the grapes are now orderly,


and the hummingbirds are loving the winter flowers on the Grevillea.


But the best things that occurred this weekend had nothing to do with gardening and everything to do with happy-ever-afters. Cindy and George found Daisy and Bear to rescue and heal their hearts – broken by the loss of their beloved pups to age.


Darla and Louie found their people too – people who can appreciate that a snowy face accompanies a golden heart.


But the very best moment of our weekend was the Going Home of our beloved, blind Brutus.


Brutus’ journey was a long one. From married man to single guy. From sighted to blind. You can read the full story here. Suffice to say, he was one of our favorites, and he found a home that is more than we could have ever wished for.

His new “mom”, DebraLea, rescues and rehabilitates horses. She clearly has a special gift with animals. He spent his first night by her bed. She built a run for him to be safe outside today. His training has already begun. Brutus will thrive in her care. She was definitely worth the wait for our special boy.


While we wait for showers from the sky, we’ll settle for a shower of happy tears. Joy.

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

24 thoughts on “Raining Joy”

  1. Indeed many tears yesterday. All tears of JOY for our very loving Brutus. What a perfect with match with DebraLea. I was fortunate to be there yesterday to witness all the beautiful matches that were made. I know Daisy and Bear will help heal the very broken hearts of Cindy and George. To see the smiles and warmth from all the adopters as they look at their new Golden and sit next to them like such proud parents, absolutely fills my heart with love and joy, not to mention me eyes with tears. Great job HB!!!!

  2. Today Brutus and I went to petsmart. We went in and grabbed an easy walk halter so I can lead him from the front for more balance. He went around in the isles really good with that halter. I should have taken a picture. He is such a big love. Eager to learn. Learning fast. We played ball today (he has a ball with a bell in it) now he’s napping in the living room. I’m a lucky mom. He has taught me a lot in the short time we have been together.

  3. Yes, happy tears are flowing here for sure! What an uplifting post – all those wonderful people choosing to spend their lives with your adorable pups. I can’t stop the flow of tears about Brutus. As I was reading I was thinking he really needed to be adopted by a special person – and how special DebraLea is. Thank-you to all those who have adopted and made my day (right around the other side of the world!) Now, I’ll try and do a rain dance for your beautiful garden. We experienced drought not long back and it was terrible, but hopefully a drenching is on its way for you. Fingers crossed! xoxoxox

  4. What a wonderful story. Made me cry, but happy too. Hope both Brutus and Debra have a long, happy life together. Sure is starting out great.

    1. Every time I THINK about taking a Sunday night off, I will now have guilt pangs…thank you very much! Happy to send you happy stories to keep you warm until winter subsides. 🙂

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