A Christmas Wish Delivered

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, and all through the rescue –
All the creatures were stirring, believing something would ensue.
Whispers and wishes hung in the air,
In hopes of Bilos’ special someone. Could we dare?

Bilos is blind, born without eyes,
But we knew when we met him – he was a special prize.

Smart, and sweet, and anxious to please,
He surprised and delighted and adapted with ease.

Special needs dogs need special humans as well,
It takes patience and commitment to help them excel.
We understood it would take time, but impatient we grew,
Bilos was truly deserving of love, this we all knew.

And then…

A quiet visitor arrived not once, or twice, or even thrice,
But over and over, seeking answers and advice.

With great thought and great care she made her decision,
And two days before Christmas, took Bilos home on provision.

Bilos Going Home_DSC_9982
To first foster our boy she dispatched –
With paws crossed and prayers said,
We hope for a forever match.

Bilos Going Home_DSC_9956
Bilos Going Home_DSC_9938
In her first update she writes that she feels lucky and blessed,
Our joy and gratitude, we cannot express.

A Christmas wish whispered and delivered with speed,
Merry Christmas, sweet Bilos! With prayers answered, indeed.

Raining Joy

Between the two-week cold blast and the lack of rain this year, I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll have a garden this summer – of if we’ll just have to plant sage brush!


I know. It’s sunny California and the rest of the country is freezing. But we had our freeze in December, and we have not had any meaningful rain in a year. Actually, we’re on year three of a state-wide drought. It is worrisome.


No matter for the moment – because it is raining joy in the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden. Yes…the roses got pruned without the need for a new tetanus shot,


the grapes are now orderly,


and the hummingbirds are loving the winter flowers on the Grevillea.


But the best things that occurred this weekend had nothing to do with gardening and everything to do with happy-ever-afters. Cindy and George found Daisy and Bear to rescue and heal their hearts – broken by the loss of their beloved pups to age.


Darla and Louie found their people too – people who can appreciate that a snowy face accompanies a golden heart.


But the very best moment of our weekend was the Going Home of our beloved, blind Brutus.


Brutus’ journey was a long one. From married man to single guy. From sighted to blind. You can read the full story here. Suffice to say, he was one of our favorites, and he found a home that is more than we could have ever wished for.

His new “mom”, DebraLea, rescues and rehabilitates horses. She clearly has a special gift with animals. He spent his first night by her bed. She built a run for him to be safe outside today. His training has already begun. Brutus will thrive in her care. She was definitely worth the wait for our special boy.


While we wait for showers from the sky, we’ll settle for a shower of happy tears. Joy.