Mac-aroni’s Going Home Day

You don’t have to look at the garden to know that winter is giving way to spring. You can sense it.

You don’t have to envision the flowers and trees in bloom. You can smell them.

You don’t have to behold the sun to know that it is shining. You can experience its warmth.

You don’t have to observe the birds to know their delight in fresh worms and tiny buds. You can hear them.

And 10-year-old blind Mac-aroni does not need to see the love of his new mom on their going home day.

He can feel it.

Congratulations and happy life, sweet boy!

A Christmas Wish Delivered

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, and all through the rescue –
All the creatures were stirring, believing something would ensue.
Whispers and wishes hung in the air,
In hopes of Bilos’ special someone. Could we dare?

Bilos is blind, born without eyes,
But we knew when we met him – he was a special prize.

Smart, and sweet, and anxious to please,
He surprised and delighted and adapted with ease.

Special needs dogs need special humans as well,
It takes patience and commitment to help them excel.
We understood it would take time, but impatient we grew,
Bilos was truly deserving of love, this we all knew.

And then…

A quiet visitor arrived not once, or twice, or even thrice,
But over and over, seeking answers and advice.

With great thought and great care she made her decision,
And two days before Christmas, took Bilos home on provision.

Bilos Going Home_DSC_9982
To first foster our boy she dispatched –
With paws crossed and prayers said,
We hope for a forever match.

Bilos Going Home_DSC_9956
Bilos Going Home_DSC_9938
In her first update she writes that she feels lucky and blessed,
Our joy and gratitude, we cannot express.

A Christmas wish whispered and delivered with speed,
Merry Christmas, sweet Bilos! With prayers answered, indeed.

Worth Waiting For

Some things are worth waiting for. Like a Robin anticipating spring…


bulbs pushing through the earth, signaling an end to winter…


0r dreams of forever homes finally come true. Our beloved Bogey was Homeward Bound’s blind, golden guest; regular readers have met him here before.


He may not see, but he has never let his blindness slow him down a bit. He goes careening through life with joyful abandon. Exuberant, playful, strong, and thoroughly adorable, Bogey has charmed all the volunteers who work with him.


We were pleased to provide a safe place for him to live and be loved. Resigned to his status, we made him an Angel Fund dog, and wrote on his description – “Insight is better than eyesight when it comes to seeing an angel.” ~ Eileen Elias Freeman. We said that Bogey had a special feeling his guardian angel was reading his description “right now.” Bogey was right.


On February 14th – Valentine’s Day – after three years in Sanctuary, Bogey was adopted. His adopter angels: two retired eye doctors.


We cannot begin to express our delight. A collective cheer could be heard across our ranks to read that Bogey spent his first night on the couch and his first day walking the canyons with his new forever family. Some things are definitely worth waiting for.

Happy life, Bogey friend (with special thanks and credit to our photographer friend, Rob Kessel). We will miss you!