My Nemesis

Anna’s Hummingbirds are common in our area and in our garden. If you’ve been a regular reader, you know they are my tormentors making me want to throw my camera in the trash. I hear their tell-tale flutter and I grab the gear. The elusive little beasts disappear. They just toy with me.

For my friends Rob and Maria – on the other hand – they sit on the fence and pose.


They are happy to primp, showing off their iridescent feathers and shocking pink gorget to the two of them.




I just get a long, cold stare and a terrible shot.

Native American legend supposedly holds that hummingbirds poke holes in the sky that become stars – or bring rain through their busy flight.



That must be why I can’t stop them in motion. They are too busy trying to make water fall through the holes in the sky.
We have plenty of plants to attract them. They love this Grevillea with its red tubular flowers…and so many places to hide.

Rob again:


Anna’s Hummingbird. My nemesis. I’ll stick to sparrows from now on.



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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

9 thoughts on “My Nemesis”

  1. stunning they are quick I want to one day capture a photo of them fighting, they come onto my wrap around porch while squealing and speed off. Fighting over the two feeders and multiple plants

  2. Such beautiful pictures. I saw Rob and Maria stocking those poor birds. Audrey you get PLENTY of great shots! Thanks for sharing and once again bringing joy to many as we start our day!!

  3. They are beautiful little creatures aren’t they?! Your poor little sparrow looks like he wants to come in from the cold! I have a picture of a baby Tufted Titmouse that I took YEARS ago, long before Callie was even a possibility in my mind. The poor little thing had fallen from its nest in the tree just outside the porch door. I was afraid the neighbor’s cat was going to catch him, so I had my Dad keep my poodle on the porch while I went outside and kept the cat away. I had my camera in my pants pocket, so I got as close as I could and took the picture just before the little guy hopped up on to a branch of the azalea between us. Then I heard his mama screaming at me so I moved away and kept an eye on the cat. Mama Bird swooped down onto the azalea and coaxed her baby to safety and then they flew off together to a safer spot. I don’t think the cat ever forgave me either, but I don’t care. 🙂

  4. You gave me a good giggle. I love hummers and spend a lot of time trying to capture good photos. They move so quickly. I have a collection of blurred shots, one or two good ones, but nothing like your collection here.

    Please, please, hang on to that camera.

    Thanks for this great post.

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