My Nemesis

Anna’s Hummingbirds are common in our area and in our garden. If you’ve been a regular reader, you know they are my tormentors making me want to throw my camera in the trash. I hear their tell-tale flutter and I grab the gear. The elusive little beasts disappear. They just toy with me.

For my friends Rob and Maria – on the other hand – they sit on the fence and pose.


They are happy to primp, showing off their iridescent feathers and shocking pink gorget to the two of them.




I just get a long, cold stare and a terrible shot.

Native American legend supposedly holds that hummingbirds poke holes in the sky that become stars – or bring rain through their busy flight.



That must be why I can’t stop them in motion. They are too busy trying to make water fall through the holes in the sky.
We have plenty of plants to attract them. They love this Grevillea with its red tubular flowers…and so many places to hide.

Rob again:


Anna’s Hummingbird. My nemesis. I’ll stick to sparrows from now on.