Puppy Pop Quiz

Sugar and spice…and everything nice.

Puppy Test_DSC_9199

Except the poop. Puppies are adorable.

Puppy test_DSC_9194

It is hard not to fall in love with each and every one. But matching the right puppy to the right family makes all the difference for dog and human.

Puppy Test_DSC_9217

Our latest brood was delivered by Lady Edith. She has gone to her new family and will have her long-awaited eye surgery this week.

Her pups are all spoken for; their anxious families wait. But before we send them home, we wanted to complete their puppy assessments using the Puppy Aptitude Test developed by Jack and Wendy Volhard.

Each litter we are graced with is assigned a human “mom” who watches over them, cleans up after them, and most importantly, socializes them – so critical in a dog’s early weeks. This time, the honors fell to Judy.


The test assesses personality and temperament, which will help their new families provide the environment and nurturing they need to be well-raised dogs. This is not a pass or fail test  – and no – you cannot cheat off the teacher, either!

Puppuy Test_DSC_9294

It measures social attraction to dogs and people,

Puppy Test_DSC_9317

confidence, dependence or independence,

Puppy Test_DSC_9211

willingness to accept commands or follow,

Puppy Test_DSC_9309

retriever instincts and prey drive,

Puppy Test_DSC_9321

touch, sight and sound sensitivity.

Puppy Test_DSC_9299

Born during a thunderstorm, raised by a good mama dog and devoted human, our pups are pretty unfazed by loud sounds, sudden movements or being handled. But certain personalities do emerge.

Puppy Test_DSC_9251

Puppies with a strong desire to lead or play very rough need experienced dog people with a commitment to training and exercise to bring out their best selves.

Puppy Test_DSC_9197

Shy or frightened pups need patient people in environments that are calm and stable.

Puppy Test_DSC_9258

Go-along/get-along pups are best suited to first-time dog owners, families with children, or older people.

Puppy Test_DSC_9314

And when the test is over…

Puppy Test_DSC_9323

everyone gets a well-earned nap!

Puppy Test_DSC_9279
Puppy Test_DSC_9281

Want to learn more about the Puppy Aptitude Test? Visit www.volhard.com.

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

17 thoughts on “Puppy Pop Quiz”

  1. I’m drowning in cuteness overdose from these puppies! My productivity took a hit after I read this post, too, as I had to keep looking at the pics over and over. On a related note, w\here can I sign up to be a human puppy “mom”? 😀

    Thanks for another huge dose of awesomeness, Audrey.

  2. Judy did an excellent job being the human mom! Takes lots of work to keep their area clean. I call them poopy puppys!! Ha! Ha! They do get well socialized at Homeward Bound. This post is definitely a “puppy cuteness” post.

  3. Great way to illustrate such an important assessment. Our lovely Angel was one of the last 2 of her litter, her brother was too shy to approach even after an hour. She was a bit shy at first but then decided I was her “one” and began to flirt with me. She still does :-). Having raised many litters of pups and kittens, it always amazes me how distinct each one is from an early age.

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