Time Passes

“Time passes too fast.

Like a hummingbird flying by,

it’s just a blur to my eyes.” ~ Amanda Leigh

Winter became spring and spring became summer since I last wrote. I don’t know where the time has gone.

Leaving my freelance work for something more secure seemed like a wise course during the pandemic – but it turns out to be a decision I regret and am trying to rectify.

I have lost not only my flexibility, but my personal time for the things I love. If the last year and a half has taught us anything, it is that life is too short to not find time for the things we love.

Since I last wrote…

Skye King has been through two successful surgeries to correct his severe hip dysplasia. After five months of fostering, we made him an official member of the family. It took 40+ fosters, but we are finally “foster failures.”

Skye’s proven skills at puppy fostering helped to seal the deal. For the past two months, he has helped us rehab little Aiden who was found by the side of the road with a broken leg at barely four months of age.

Aiden found his forever home yesterday. He was a very hard one to part with. Our home is quiet once again but not for long, I suspect.

Jody’s garden has been completely rehabilitated as well. The raised beds were cleared and planted – now overflowing with fresh vegetables. The weeds were tamed and the orchard has flourished and produced. The fruits are still small but show promise for future years.

The Memorial Garden has bloomed continuously with the change of seasons. First bloom was spectacular…

followed by vibrant summer colors, apricots, overloaded apple trees, and grapes.

Some very annoying Grackles have taken up residence.

I used to admire them for their beautiful iridescent feathers – but no more. They are aggressive bullies and have chased away all the sparrows, robins and hummingbirds to guard their multiple nests. I’ll have to figure out a way to roll out the “unwelcome” mat!

Our new “normal” is dry, hot, and filled with the threat of wildfire. We had our first scare earlier in the month with a grass fire marching right up to our gates.

It is mid-June and we are just shy of our 200th dog of the year. The wave we anticipated has arrived and we are inundated in post-pandemic one-year-olds without training or socialization and seniors in need of medical attention. As people go back to work and the adventures they have missed, it seems that the companions who saw them through are now a burden. We are tracking at a +30% increase for the year.

Maize, meanwhile, was our 10,000th dog. An adorable impulse purchase by a senior couple who had forgotten what it takes to raise a puppy right.

10,000 rescued dogs. A promise made; a promise kept. Jody is smiling from on high.

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I am a nascent gardener, rescuer, and photographer, chronicling the journey of the dogs at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary near Sacramento, CA - and the Memorial Garden we have devoted to them.

18 thoughts on “Time Passes”

  1. What a treat to have you post tonight! Congrats on your adoption of Skye! Thanks for all your work with him. 10,000 dogs saved is beyond amazing.

  2. Good to hear from you again. I hope those unfortunate one year olds get the forever homes they so deserve. Joy

  3. Please know your positive, uplifting posts have been missed, but it sounds like life got very busy for you this past year. Based on your wonderful photos, there is no doubt that Jody is smiling. Your gardens are certainly looking wonderful, and by all means those Grackles need to move on so we can continue to enjoy your beautiful hummingbirds. Take care and good luck with your professional aspirations.

  4. Thank you for coming back – you have been so missed – I don’t get down to the ranch much so I love the pictures.

  5. So glad you are back with such beautiful pictures and stories. The fire season is very scary and we pray that HBGRR is always protected and safe. Thanks for the update on Skye…looking beautiful. And Aiden is a very lucky puppy. Thanks for these wonderful posts. Poe, Corie and family send love to all at HBGRR. We think of Jody often.

  6. I was so happy to see your post in my queue and to learn about all the positive successes at your wonderful organization. The garden is gorgeous, and the pups, along with their stories, always warm my heart. I do wish you well in determining how you’ll transition in your employment towards what will allow you to experience a little more personal freedom. And 10,000 rescues? What success! ♥

  7. Glad to see you back – I, too, have missed your uplifting posts.

    Congrats on becoming a “foster fail”! Skye has landed exactly where he needed to be. Love his name! We “foster failed” almost 9 years ago with Ducky. She was a challenging pup those first few years, but she’s become my earth angel over the last few.

    The gardens are truly beautiful and I’m sure Jody is beaming down on them and all of you as well.

    As to pandemic pups, and older couples who forget how much work is involved in raising a puppy? I can understand, even if I can’t condone. I can relate, in particular, with the older couple who got Maize. Hubby and I got a GR puppy two+ months ago. (We named him Bogie after Humphrey Bogart.) While I knew he would be a lot of work and that I might not get much help due to hubby’s dementia; we both love and are committed to this little rascal. Ducky is doing her best to help me in spite of her hip dysplasia flare ups; and there’s really no better puppy teacher than another canine. And we got him from a really good breeder who loves his dogs.

    Last but not least, all best wishes for your return to doing the work you really love. I’m sure it will work out for you.

  8. Do you know if they have any black labs in the one year or there abouts coming up. My friends has cancer and she’s looking to add another to her home soon.

    1. We frequently have Black Labs, Leslie. Your friend should submit an application on our website and get approved. 🙂 Good therapy.

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