The Other Puppy Bowl

I know all you dog lovers are glued to the Puppy Bowl this weekend, but there is another one that goes on every weekend at Homeward Bound!

Puppy Class_DSC_4451

It comes complete with tackles,

Puppy Class_DSC_4479


Puppy Class_DSC_4768

and unsportsmanlike conduct!

Puppy Class_DSC_4704
I’ve brought you play-by-play on a couple of them. You’ll find them here and here.

Last week, I shared photos of Sybill and her sister, Kensie at our weekly puppy bowl. Our newest, and smallest additions to Kathryn’s puppy class were feeling a bit overwhelmed by the bigger dogs –

Puppy Class_DSC_4700

until this weekend! Please welcome tiny Lilu!

Puppy Class_DSC_4731

To look at her, you wouldn’t know that this little girl has a near-criminal past! Lilu came to us by way of a local veterinarian. She was brought in on an emergency basis – the result of an apparent larceny. It seems she pilfered her owner’s stash. She was in pretty bad shape. The owners wisely chose to surrender when presented with their options.

The vet named her “Felon,” and put in a call to us asking if we could take a Golden Retriever puppy.
We always find it humorous that a vet gets confused about dog breeds when they are hoping for a rescue. 🙂


We renamed this adorable, pint-sized offender a non-too subtle “Mary Jane.” She was with us about two minutes before she was adopted.


Her family rightly selected a new name and enrolled her in class so she can be properly socialized and get a fresh start in her rehabilitated life!

Unlike Sybill and Kensie, she was not intimidated one bit by the big dogs…

Puppy Class_DSC_4679

she mixes things up and then makes a quick getaway, finding a proper hiding place!

Puppy Class_DSC_4696

And happily, Sybill has found someone (almost) her own size to play with.

Puppy Class_DSC_4770
Puppy Class_DSC_4771
Puppy Class_DSC_4772
Puppy Class_DSC_4769

All winners…no losers…in our puppy bowl!


In today walks tomorrow


Each rose has its season…



Each season has it’s time.




And every dog has its day…or so we hope. This weekend, more of our little puppies had theirs. From twelve, we are down to three – with “going homes” celebrated Saturday for Sydney –

Sydney Going Home_IMG_0148

and for Miranda and Nix, lucky littermates who went home together.

Nix_Miranda_Going Home_image1

Fall marks an end…



And also a beginning.


Today marked an important end for Rosie. She will no longer live the existence of a nameless breeder dog; and the pink dye that was used to identify her and her pups is now washed away.


Today is her beginning. With time and patience, her fear will also be washed away – replaced with trust. Here is the beginning of that process in Carolyn’s capable hands:








“And in today already walks tomorrow.” ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Happy tomorrow, Sydney, Miranda, Nix and Rosie.