Dog Days (Before Summer!)

Saturday, it was 111-degrees in the Homeward Bound Memorial Garden by 2PM. The birds were seeking water…


and shade.


The Coreopsis was wilting…


Even the flowers were sweating! Kidding…but they would if they could!


White looks magnificent and cooling when it’s hotter than hades.


Kondos had the right idea. He makes a kiddie pool look dignified and cool.


We keep these little pools in each yard exactly for days like Saturday. When it is even too hot to trek the dogs to the big swimming pool, we bring the water to them before returning them to the air conditioning to nap away the afternoon. The pools are dual purpose; they double Steve’s Scuba Training Center. He taught Scrubs how to scuba by slyly placing his cookies at the bottom of the pool. We think he’s a natural!


The Delta Breeze mercifully kicked in Saturday night, and today we enjoyed a cool breeze while we worked, letting out a collective….ahhh.

Drink from a hose not a bowl

Have a great week all!