Here Comes Santa Claus


Santa paid his annual visit to the rescue this weekend to hear the wishes of our waiting pups, and to celebrate those who have gone home. It always leads to happy reunions.


Some have grown (other have shrunk!) – but the thing that is most noticeable is the change in their faces. You can see the contentment.

Faith and Sophie (formerly Hope) – our Megaesophagus/CNM pups were there. Look how they have grown!


Max and Felix: orphaned brothers now together forever. Their people could not love them more.


Annie – who was Billie – one of this summer’s twelve Giants litter puppies getting all grown up.


Roger – now Buddy – one of dogs rescued from the Korean meat market now living a charmed life.


and Bilos: blind, beloved, and so full of confidence now. His mom has done an amazing job with him.


Most are easily recognizable, but not this one.


When Mary arrived in July of 2015, she was so obese that she could not walk more than a short distance before stopping.


Those little legs just could not support her giant body.


Lucky for Mary, she was spotted by our gardener, Peggy. I wrote about it here. Peggy had a well-earned reputation for turning butterballs into lean machines.


And she has worked her magic again on Mary who – through a combination of diet and exercise – has dropped more pounds than Santa drops presents!


Maintaining a proper weight can be life-extending for any dog. Just look at her canine sibling Ginger – at an unbelievable 14!


I don’t know what they put in the water in Peggy’s house – but pass the pitcher, please!

Thanks to Santa, our photographer Eric Schuman, and all of the happy elves for squeezing our waiting and adopted furry friends in a busy holiday schedule!