Cooper at Camp Yogi

Our most recent houseguest was a repeat caller named Cooper. He is one of Daisy’s litter. He stayed with us about a month ago while his people were away – right after his sister, Colleen’s stay until her people were ready to bring her home. This is a photo of the two of them before they found their furever homes.

My husband mocks me for taking the puppy pen down…he thinks it might as well just stay up permanently. He’s probably right. (Cooper at three months.)

Cooper’s people had a family reunion to attend, and since he got along so well during his first visit – and is still young and impressionable – it seemed like the best place for him to hang out for a week or so. His people call it Camp Yogi – named for our three-year-old, puppy-loving Yogi. (Cooper at four months.)

Camp Yogi is full of play, adventure, swimming, and a few lessons as well.

He has his Golden mom’s coloring (and heart) – and his German Shepherd/Dobie dad’s size! Shy and quiet as a puppy, Cooper’s playfulness is growing almost as quickly as his size! At three months:

At four months:

Cooper was Yogi’s shadow – following him everywhere.

He dispensed cauliflower ears and slobber to Yogi – and Yogi wore that puppy into exhaustion. Or was it the other way around?

Puppies are good for Yogi.
Yogi is good for puppies.
And Camp Yogi is fun for everyone!

Our Puppy Bowl

While waiting for the big game to get underway, a far more agile team took to the field. These players are not in it for fame or fortune – they just enjoy the love of play and gladly accept payment in cookies. Get your game face on –

Game Face

for the Golden Rule Training Puppy Bowl! We start by sizing up the competition…

Sizing up the Competition

accompanied by a Pregame Staredown…

Pregame Staredown

And then, Kickoff!


There he goes…Man in motion!

Man in Motion

Excuse me…Defensive Holding!

Defensive Holding

Pooch Kick…

Pooch Kick

And Punt Return!

Punt Return

Hey wait, is that a deflated ball on the field??

Deflated Ball

Let’s Huddle Up and rethink our strategy…

Huddle Up

And they’re off…

Play Action

Oh, Sack!


I do believe that is an Illegal Horsecollar Tackle! (I have no idea what that is, but my husband says “use it.”)

Illegal Horsecollar Tackle

And is that a lame attempt at Illegal Substitution?!

Illegal Substitution

Hey Ref! Unsportsmanlike Conduct on the field!

Unsportsmanslike Conduct

This game is getting out of hand. Two Minute Warning!

Two minute Warning

Special Teams. Is it just me, or is it hard to tell who’s on what team?

Special Teams

No fair, no fair…Piling On!

Piling On

Regroup: Calling an Audible

Calling an Audible

Hey, that’s what we call a Forward Pass!

Forward Pass or Ineligible Receiver or Tight End

And Fumble!


This game is rough! Intentional Grounding…

Intentional Grounding

Nose Tackle…

Nose Tackle

Chop Block…

Chop Block

Running Back…

Running Back

and Touch Down!


Did someone call a Time Out?

Time Out

Water Boy!!

Water Boy

This game was called on account of excessive cuteness…

Excessive Cuteness

Play resumes next week in puppy class!